Converter Resources

A common issue with converters is running out of memory. This is commonly reported like:

Failed to convert type unknown for [PATH TO FILE]: \
	[CONVERTER_MEMORY_LIMIT] Memory limit of 5000000 bytes exceeded.

When this error is reported, you'll want to increase the converter memory, CPU and timeout limits located on the collection's Configuration > Crawler tab, in the Global Settings section's Converting sub-section. Increasing these values and attempting to convert again will usually result in a successful conversion. Be careful not to increase the limits beyond the resources that are available on the system.

Note: Conversion takes a source document and transforms it into another format (usually HTML). This process takes time and memory. If a source file is sufficiently large, it will never be converted on any system due to the fact that the requirements for converting are too large for the system to handle. In cases such as these, you should split the source file into multiple pieces before converting them.