Watson™ Explorer Engine enables users to query multiple data sources simultaneously and remotely, organizing their combined outputs into automatically-generated categories (clusters) on the fly. Sources can be web or intranet search engines, licensed feeds, databases, or search collections created with the search engine that is included in Watson Explorer Engine. Watson Explorer Engine can create search collections by crawling the web, file systems, many enterprise data repositories (email archives, database application, knowledge management systems, and so on), or your intranet.

Note: Backward compatibility between different releases of Watson Explorer Engine is very important to IBM. However, product enhancements and other software updates mean that forward compatibility is not guaranteed. For example, while you can generally use older Watson Explorer Engine search collections with newer releases of Watson Explorer Engine, you cannot use a search collection created with a newer version of Watson Explorer Engine with an older version of Watson Explorer Engine.

For an explanation of how Watson Explorer Engine works internally, read the Functional Overview of a Search Application.