Review: Verifying that Sortby Fields are Fast-Indexed

Fast-indexing is a technique that creates and maintains an in-memory index for one or more fields in a search collection. The index for the search collection in which these fields are found must be created or updated after the fields to be fast-indexed are identified.

Fields that are being fast-indexed are identified on the Configuration > Indexing tab of a search collection.

To add fields from the data in your search collection, click edit, and click the modified radio button above the Fast Index text area. Enter the fields that you want to fast-index, and optionally enter their data type. Figure 1 shows the fast-indexed fields that are used in the source and display which are shown throughout this section.

Figure 1. Identifying Fields to be Fast-Indexed

After identifying the fields that are used in the sort expressions that you described in Review: Defining Sorting in a Source, click OK to save your changes.

Finally, click the Overview tab for the search collection that you are using. Next:

  • If an index for the collection already exists, click stop in the Indexing column, and then click resume to restart the indexing process.
  • If no index exists for the collection, click start to the right of the Live Status heading to initiate crawling and indexing.

Once the index has been updated or created, proceed to the next section for information about adding the new sort types to the display for your application.

To proceed with this tutorial, click Adding Sortby Groups.