General Search Collection Settings

These options are in the General sub-section of the General Settings for a search collection.

  • Username and password - Login information to pass whenever authentication is required. Passed using the best authentication method that can be negotiated with the server.
  • Default ACL - This is the ACL to use when no other ACL is available.
  • Maximum idle time - The amount of time the crawler will continue to wait in an idle state after completing the crawl. If you are using collaboration features, you will want to use -1 seconds to keep the crawler waiting for incoming URLs to crawl.
  • Default allow - Sets what action should be taken for URLs that are not filtered by the configuration. Allow means they will be crawled, disallow means they will not be crawled, and log-disallow means they will not be crawled, but they will be logged. This option is set to disallow by default. Any URLs that you want to crawl should be conditionally allowed in conditional settings. Be careful when changing this to allow because you could end up crawling the entire Internet!