Migrating text analysis resources

Many IBM Watson® Explorer Analytical Components text analysis resources can be migrated to IBM Watson Explorer oneWEX.

For information on migrating text analysis resources, see the appropriate section below.

User dictionaries

A Watson™ Explorer Analytical Components user dictionary can be used as a resource for a Watson Explorer oneWEX dictionary annotator by using the user interface or the REST API.

User interface
  1. On the Watson Explorer Analytical Components administrative console, select Parse and Index > Configure > Analytic resources > User dictionaries
  2. Select a dictionary and click Export CSV File to download the dictionary.
  3. On the Watson Explorer oneWEX Admin Console, select Resource > Add annotator.
  4. Choose a name and select dictionary as the Annotator type. Click Next . Click Import and import the dictionary .csv file. Update the Facet field and click Save. For more information, see Dictionary annotator.
See Migrating user dictionaries with the REST API for more information.

Text analysis rules

See Migrating text analysis rules for more information.

Custom annotators

See Migrating custom annotators for more information.

Annotators developed in Content Analytics Studio

You can export an annotator created in Content Analytics Studio to Watson Explorer oneWEX.

  1. Open the project in Content Analytics Studio.
  2. Configure a connection to the Watson Explorer oneWEX server. For more information, see Connecting to a Watson Explorer Content Analytics server or a Watson Explorer oneWEX server .
  3. Export the UIMA pipeline to the Watson Explorer oneWEX server. For more information, see Exporting a UIMA pipeline to a Watson Explorer oneWEX server.
  4. Go to the Resources page of the Watson Explorer oneWEX Admin Console and verify the annotator has been added.