Uninstalling Watson Explorer

To uninstall Watson™ Explorer version modules or later, follow the instructions below.

To uninstall Watson Explorer or later:
Linux Start a terminal session (xterm, gnome-terminal, or other terminal application) and use the su or sudo -s command to become the root user.

Enter rpm -e wex-nameofmodule

Note: Do not include the file extension (.rpm) or the version number with the name of the module.
Windows Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features to view your list of programs.

Choose the Watson Explorer module from the list.

Click the Uninstall button.

Note: If you right-click on the module .msi file in Windows Explorer, choose Remove from the menu to uninstall the module.
Default Watson Explorer installation directory:
  • Linux: /opt/ibm/WEX/nameofmodule
  • Windows: \Program Files\IBM\WEX\nameofmodule
Note: The list of module installation file names can be found in Installing Watson Explorer.
Note: If you need to uninstall Watson Explorer 11.0.0 or earlier, see .