Modifying the Location of the Watson Explorer Knowledge Center URL

About this task

To access the Watson™ Explorer Knowledge Center through the online help provided in Watson Explorer and other Watson Explorer modules including Watson Explorer Application Builder and Watson Explorer Results Module, you will need to modify the URL in the de_help.conf file in your Watson Explorer installation. The URL contained in this configurable file can point to the online Knowledge Center or to a local installation of the Knowledge Center.

To modify the Knowledge Center URL in the de_help.conf file, do the following:


  1. Navigate to the top level of your Watson Explorer installation directory and open the de_help.conf file in a text editor. The following XML node displays:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
      <option name="online-help-url">localhost:9999/kc/SS8NLW_12.0.0</option>
  2. Modify the URL contained in the XML element option name to point to a local installation of the Knowledge Center or to an externally available Knowledge Center. Use either of the following explicit URLs:
    • For the external IBM Watson Explorer 12.0.0 Knowledge Center -
    • For a locally installed Knowledge Center - http://localhost:9090/kc/SS8NLW_12.0.0 (where localhost:9999 is replaced with the hostname and port number of the server where your local Knowledge Center is installed)

    Example: Replace <option name="online-help-url">localhost:9999/kc/SS8NLW_12.0.0</option> with <option name="online-help-url"></option> to have your Watson Explorer Engine point to the externally available IBM Knowledge Center.

    Note: When modifying or setting a new URL, omit trailing backslashes in the URL path. Trailing backslashes can cause errors.
  3. After modifying or setting a new URL, save your changes to the de_help.conf file.
  4. If you have the Watson Explorer Application Builder module installed, you will need to restart all the Watson Explorer Application Builder services to complete this procedure.


You have modified the Knowledge Center URL that is associated with your Watson Explorer installation. If you are using a local Knowledge Center installation make sure that the Knowledge Center service has been started using the methods described in the Watson Explorer Installation Guide.