Startup/Shutdown Integration on Windows Systems

Important: ZooKeeper must be running before you can successfully start and use Application Builder or any BigIndex API application. Applications that rely on ZooKeeper for configuration data will not start correctly if ZooKeeper is not yet available. Similarly, you must not terminate ZooKeeper before you terminate Application Builder - doing so may cause data loss because the Application Builder (or an application that was created with Application Builder) may not be able to correctly save all of its configuration data.

As part of installing Watson™ Explorer on a Microsoft Windows system, the Watson Explorer installation process also installs related services on your Windows system. These services enable you to automatically start Watson Explorer (and related modules, if necessary) in the correct order on that system as part of the Windows startup process, and to terminate those services in the correct order when shutting down or restarting that system.

The services that are installed on Windows system for use by Watson Explorer and related modules are initially configured to start manually, though they create the right dependencies. Before permanently enabling them, you should start them manually to ensure that services start in the right order, and with sufficient time between service starts to ensure that services are fully started by the time another application requests information from them. See Startup/Shutdown Integration on Microsoft Windows Systems for a general discussion of services on Microsoft Windows systems.