Installing Watson Explorer Version 12.0.0

To install Watson™ Explorer version 12.0.0 or later modules, follow the instructions below.

IBM strongly recommends that you are logged in as an Administrator to install Watson Explorer. Installing Watson Explorer requires administrative privileges on both Microsoft Windows and Linux.

In Microsoft Windows, you can install Watson Explorer modules as a non-administrative user, but you must have elevated permissions to do so, see this article for details. However, non-administrators will have certain limitations, for example, you will not be permitted to start the services.

The available Watson Explorer foundational component modules are:

Module Module file extensions: Linux:.rpm, Windows: .msi
Watson Explorer Engine wex-engine-12.0.0.x
Zookeeper wex-zookeeper-12.0.0.x
Application Builder wex-appbuilder-12.0.0.x
Results Module wex-resultsmodule-12.0.0.x
BigIndex wex-bigindex-12.0.0.x

If you wish to install Query Modifier after you install Watson Explorer, see Installing Query Modifier for instructions.

The Watson Explorer Annotation Administration Console module is also included with Watson Explorer 12.0.0.x, in an archive named: wex-aac-12.0.0.x. See Installing Annotation Administration Console for installation instructions.

Note: Antivirus software, firewalls, and other network security mechanisms can interfere with the installation of Watson Explorer modules. You should disable them before beginning your installation. If you are running a version of Linux that includes support for AppArmor or Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), you must disable them before installing any Watson Explorer module.