Configuring Watson Explorer Modules

After installation, each installed module needs to be configured. The amount of configuration required varies by module. Most of the Watson™ Explorer modules have a configuration tool that needs to be run. This tool is used to configure basic settings, such as port location. Additional configuration tasks will be required for some modules.

Default configuration file locations :
  • Linux: /opt/ibm/WEX/nameofmodule
  • Windows: \Program Files\IBM\WEX\nameofmodule
Note: You must configure Zookeeper before you configure Application Builder. The other modules may follow in any order.
Module Configuration File Name (Microsoft Windows add .exe extension)
Zookeeper zookeeper-config
Application Builder appbuilder-config
Results Module resultsmodule-config
Watson Explorer Engine embedded-webserver-config
Note: There is no configuration tool for the BigIndex module.

After configuring each module, you should integrate it into your system's startup and shutdown processes. See Integrating Other Watson Explorer Modules Into the Startup/Shutdown Process.

Note: If you use command line switches to configure a module (for example, appbuilder-config -quiet -<option_name> <option_value>), be aware that if you do not specify the -enable-service option then any service that was previously created by the configuration tool will be deleted. For example, if you issue the following commands, the first command would create the service, and the second command would change the client port and delete the service you just created.
appbuilder-config -quiet -enable-service
appbuilder-config -quiet -clientPort 2182

SILENT CONFIGURATION: You may configure Watson Explorer modules in non-interactive mode (also referred to as silent or quiet mode) after initially installing and configuring each module. To do so, add the -quiet flag to the configuration file call or write a Bash, Powershell, or command prompt script wrapper.