Configuring Results Module (deprecated)

Deprecated. See Foundational Components release notes for more information about deprecated features and what that means.

After installing the Results Module module, you need to configure it.

Note: You must be logged in as an Administrator to run configuration tools. To do so, log in as the root user in Linux, or as a user with Administrator privileges on Microsoft Windows.
To run the configuration tool:
Linux Navigate to the installation location for the Results Module module (/opt/ibm/WEX/Resultsmodule by default)

Run ./resultsmodule-config

Windows Navigate to the installation location for the Results Module module (\Program Files\IBM\WEX\Resultsmodule by default)

From a command line, run resultsmodule-config.exe

The following questions will display. Hit Return to accept the defaults.

  • Which language do you want to use for the configuration tool? The current language is ['en']. Other available languages are: ['en']:
  • Which port do you want Results Module to listen on? The port is currently [8081]:

    The number of the port on which the Results Module is listening for incoming connections. If you change the default port, do not use 8080 or 9090, which are the default ports for Application Builder and Knowledge Center.

  • What do you want to name the Results Module application in the configuration file for WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile? The name is currently [ResultsModule]:
  • Do you want to install the service for Results Module? [y/N]:

    The Results Module service will automatically start Results Module whenever you restart a system on which it is installed. Installing the service is recommended.

    Note: You should integrate Results Module into your system's startup and shutdown processes. See Integrating Other Watson Explorer Modules Into the Startup/Shutdown Process.
Note: Verify that the port that Results Module uses is not blocked by a network firewall on any system where Results Module is installed. This is the most common cause of any Watson™ Explorer module being unable to contact Results Module after you have started Results Module.
Note: The Results Module is an application powered by a IBM WebSphere Liberty Profile (WLP) server.