Accessing the Results Module

Deprecated. See Foundational Components release notes for more information about deprecated features and what that means.

After starting the Results Module service, you can access the Results Module interface at a URL.


Where <hostname> is the host name or IP of the Results Module server, and <port> is the port used for this module (8081 by default). To access the Results Module using the Bootstrap user, use the username bootstrap and the password changeme.

The Results Module is now installed and operational. For details about configuring the Results Module, see Creating and Configuring Watson Explorer Results Module.

If you are running automatic anti-virus or other system scanning software, see Integrating Watson Explorer with Anti-Virus Software for information on excluding specific Results Module directories from the scanning process.

Note: There may be a significant wait period (greater than 1 minute) when accessing the Results Module for the first time after the WLP has been started. This is part of the WLP initialization process and only occurs the first time it is accessed after startup.