Migrating capabilities

This topic describes how IBM Watson® Explorer Foundational Components capabilities can be migrated to IBM Watson Explorer oneWEX.


There is no equivalent to Watson™ Explorer Foundational Components projects in Watson Explorer oneWEX.


Key match is partially covered in Watson Explorer oneWEX by Spotlight. Spotlight matches user query text to a map of top results, configured using an elevate.xml file. For more information, see The Query Elevation Component.

Search Collections

Search collections are covered in Watson Explorer oneWEX Application Builder. For more information, see Building applications.

Knowledge Base

Rephrase can be covered by enrichment with dictionaries in Watson Explorer oneWEX. By adding a keyword with a certain value, the search results and mining results are rephrased with the value. For more information, see Dictionary annotator.
Stopphrase can be covered by Stop words in Watson Explorer oneWEX. For more information, see Stop words.


Synonym dictionary
In Watson Explorer oneWEX, there is the following option for synonym dictionaries.
  • Query-processing-time synonyms can be added by uploading a synonyms list to the collection. For more information, see Synonym.

Query Modifier

Watson Explorer oneWEX has natural language query capabilities. For more information, see Natural language query. The following capabilities can be migrated to Watson Explorer oneWEX.

Use Disjunctify threshold in Natural language query.
Part of Speech Based Noiseword Removal
Use Annotation conversion strategies in Natural language query.

Ontolection Trainer

Watson Explorer oneWEX has query suggestion capability based on word embedding. See the Query Recommendation widget in Recommendation widgets.