Boosting Key Match Results

Results returned by a simple document key match can be boosted. Boosting displays those results as a spotlight, which is a specially formatted section of the search results. Spotlights are typically shown above other search results, but you can write custom code to show spotlights in another location. Boosting is implemented as a node in the document. The boost is not displayed by default. It must be defined in the display. For more information on using boosting in a display, see the Boosting Tutorial.

Note: Boosting simple html key matches is not supported.

To add a boost to a simple document key match, edit the key match entry that you want to boost. Three boost options are available:

  • boost-and-list: Duplicate the document and also add it to the main document list.
  • boost-only: Only create the boost node outside of the main document list.
  • list-boost-only: Only boost to the top of the main document list.

The default setting is boost-and-list. You can also set the Boost Levels which are space-separated list of clustering levels in which the document will be boosted (0 for the top level, 1 for the top level of clusters, etc). Use -1 to specify all levels.

Note: Boost levels do not apply to a boost display of list-boost-only.