The tasks and information that a system administrator needs to maintain and customize a Watson™ Explorer Engine installation can be found in the Management section of the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool.

The Management section is comprised of the following sub-sections:

  • Installation - version information is found on the Installation pane.
  • Repository - location for managing repository nodes. Available repository nodes may be synchronized or imported.
  • Users - location to add and manage all user accounts associated with the installation.
  • Services - location to find status and set options for the following services: Scheduler, Alerts, Search Engine, Reporting, and Source Testing. Features of note:
    • the Scheduler and Search Engine services can be started, restarted, or stopped by clicking the appropriate button on the service's Status tab.
  • Reports - location of application and system reports and a merge function for reporting databases. Pre-configured reports are available for both application and system reports. These reports can be edited to fit your Watson Explorer Engine installation. New reports can also be created.
  • Debug Sessions - session debugging information that enables you to walk through every step of preparing your query, submitting it, and retrieving and displaying search results.
  • Administration - location to set options for the following functions: global administration, installation, email, alerts, reporting, system messages, and source testing.