• Large Archive Handling - The Documentum connector supports special handling of large ZIP files, enabling you to crawl and index archive files that do not fit into memory. Once the "Enable On Disk Archive Processing" option is enabled, files over a 100 MB are written to disk, rather than stored in memory, and are processed from the on disk storage location. The Large Archive Handling capability of the Documentum connector will recursively explore archive files until all of the directories and subdirectories that they contain are crawled and indexed, and...
  • Improved Exception Handling - Any Documentum connector errors are now generated as ProcessNodeExceptions rather than being attached to nodes where they may have gone unnoticed.


  • Customer visible connector versioning - Version number sequencing has been added to this connector. This enables you to quickly determine what version of the Documentum Connector connector you are currently using. Previously connector versioning was typically accomplished by invoking a hash function.

    Watson™ Explorer Engine connectors will adhere to the following versioning construction: 1.0.0., where the first digit indicates a major connector release; the second digit indicates a minor connector release; the third digit indicates a patch connector release.