Project Language Variables

Note: This information does not apply to indexing support in lexical analysis language streams. See Lexical Analysis Streams for more information.

When creating new projects using Watson™ Explorer Engine, you will need to set the Main Language, as well as any Secondary languages that you might need to handle, as described in the Language Configuration in Watson Explorer Engine section.

For example, if you need to create a project that will handle mostly Chinese data with some Japanese, and some English, you should set Main Language to Chinese and Secondary Languages to Japanese, English.

This instantiates low-level language options used for clustering, such as Segmenter, Stemmer and Knowledge bases (in Advanced tab, on the Clustering sub-tab). If more than one non-segmented language is specified, the segmenter will be instantiated to mixed. The values of Stemmer and Knowledge bases will be optimized for the set of languages that you have specified in the main and secondary language variables.

After creating a search collection and crawling and indexing the documents that it contains, you should be able to enter a query in the language to see clustered search results in the same language.