Backing up and restoring Watson Explorer oneWEX on IBM Cloud Private

You can make a backup of IBM Watson® Explorer oneWEX on IBM® Cloud Private (ICP) and also restore Watson™ Explorer oneWEX from the backup.


Backing up Watson Explorer oneWEX.

  1. Stop all Watson Explorer oneWEX containers. Deleting the Helm release is one way to do this.
  2. Create archive files of the directories used by the Persistent Volumes of the Watson Explorer oneWEX instance.

Restoring Watson Explorer oneWEX

  1. Extract the archived directories to the file system.
  2. Create Persistent Volumes that use the extracted directories.
  3. In the administration user interface of IBM Cloud Private, create a Helm release of Watson Explorer oneWEX that specifies the Persistent Volumes.

    For the 12.0.0 release, use the same Helm release name when restoring from the backup. For the 12.0.1 release or later, you can use any Helm release name.