Scheduling a Crawl or Refresh

About this task

The Scheduler Service can be used to automatically start the Query Service when the system boots, and to run Search Engine crawls at specific times or fixed intervals.

For more information about running the scheduler service when the system boots, see Running Tasks When the System Boots

To schedule crawls to run automatically, click Management > Services > Scheduler. Next:


  1. Click Add Scheduled Task.
  2. From the scrollable list, select Start a Search Collection crawl from the list and click Add.
  3. Enter the name of the collection in the Collection box, select the crawl type, and click OK to save.
  4. Expand the conditions of the scheduled task from inside the scheduled task list, and select the desired time or interval from the Add Scheduled Time list and click Add. Complete the required values, and click OK to save.
  5. If the Scheduler Service is not running, click start at the top of this page.


Congratulations! This completes the basic search engine tutorial.