Configuring Front End Installations

A front end installation connects to the backend installation and pulls results from the search collections defined on it. To do this, the front end installation must contain a project (including all components: display, sources, knowledge bases, dictionaries, etc.) that uses the same name (and generally the same configuration) as the projects defined on the back end installations.

Note: To reduce configuration time and reduce the likelihood of transcription errors, you may wish to copy the associated configuration from a backend installation or upload to the repository and download onto the front end.

Some front end components must be modified in order to connect to the backend installations and allow for annotations to be passed.

The following project settings must be considered:

  • Configure the Username that has access to the collections that are to be tagged (variable ics-vivisimo-user) and Password for the above user (ics-vivisimo-password) parameters to match the ICS user you created on the backend installations. These parameters are located in the Misc sub-tab of the Advanced tab.
  • If the backend installations use HTTP authentication, configure the ICS auth user and ICS auth password settings, to match the authorized user on the backend installations. These parameters are also located in the Misc sub-tab of the Advanced tab.
    Note: The variable ics-collection is only necessary if you are using shared folders or saved queries, in which case you should have already set this variable while following the corresponding sections in the tutorial.
  • If you are using multiple backend installations to deliver results to a single project on the front end installation, either create a source bundle from the required sources, or add all of the sources to the project. The backend projects need only contain the sources that correspond to search collections on that installation.
  • All installations that are used by a single project (back and front ends) must have identical end users, ICS auth users, and ics-vivisimo-users.

Each source should be created (or copied) to match the source on the backend installation, and then configured to access the associated backend search collection. Set the following parameters in the Collection Location section of the VSE Form of each source:

  • Collection name - The name of the search collection that is associated with this source.
  • Query-service host - the hostname of the backend installation on which the named search collection resides.
  • Query-service port - the port of the backend installation on which the named search collection resides.

In most cases, all other project components (such as display or dictionaries) should be identical on both front end and backend installations.