Configuration Options in the General Section

Options with performance or memory impact in the General section of the Configuration > Indexing tab are the following:

  • Link analysis steps - To disable the link analysis algorithm, set this to 0. In most cases, this option should be set to 0 unless you are working with a web crawl.
  • Fast Index - Content elements that are specified in this field will be included in a special index that is referred to as a "fast index". A fast index is kept in memory by the query service, allowing very fast retrieval speeds. This fast index is used in conjunction with refinements (binning), for searching conditions, and for sorting. Any item on which you want to refine search results, that you want to sort by, or which you want to use as range inputs should be fast indexed.
  • Maximum content bytes - The maximum number of bytes to index in any individual content element. Multiple content elements in a document can exceed this limit. You should retain the default value for this option unless you are aware of any special conditions in the data that you are indexing which would enable you to index smaller amount of content in each content element.