Adding Exporting via Email to a Display

The Adding Exporting to a Display explained how to add the Document Exporting display component to your display to enable exporting. The Emailing feature is also enabled with that display module, so if you have completed the previous section, make sure that in the Results > Actions subsection of your display settings, the Export formats option has Email checked.

The default mail server can be configured by going to the Email tab located on the Administration pane of the Management section of the Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool. This is required for installations on Windows in order to send email.

Once this has been completed, your end-users will be able to select some results and pick Email from the Actions menu.

Using export Emailing - To email result(s) to yourself or someone else, select the result(s) by using the checkbox by the result(s). From the Actions menu, choose Email. A form will display with the recipient's email, CC, BCC, subject, message, and format of the results. Complete the fields, and click Email. A confirmation message will display. You may then send the same email to someone else, or click Return to search results to continue working with the application.