Creating a Display

About this task

Displays are associated with projects. In order to customize a display, you will want to create a new display that is based on an existing one, and then associate that display with the project that you created in the previous section. Basing your display on an existing one provides a reasonable set of defaults for the new display. You can then modify the new display without changing anything in any existing display, and any changes that you make to the new display will be used whenever you test your application.

To create a new display


  1. Click the Add icon () beside the Displays entry in the left-hand Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool navigation bar. A screen like the one shown in Figure 1 displays.
    Figure 1. Creating a New Display
  2. For the purposes of this tutorial, enter the name display-tutorial-display and select velocity-display as the Master Display for the new display. (The term Master Display simply means the display upon which the new display is based.) Click Add. This displays a screen like the one shown in Figure 2, which is discussed later in Customizing a Standard Display. Before actually using this screen, let's first associate your new display with the project that you created in the first step of this tutorial, as described in the next section.
    Figure 2. Default Display Editing Screen


To proceed with this tutorial, click Associating a New Display With Your Project.