Final Results Showing Virtual Documents

After adding and saving this condition and performing another crawl, the search collection that you have created only includes actual theses and related metadata, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Search Results Showing Only Unique Matches
Tip: Other ways of excluding selected search results from a search collection are to create a URL Filter in the Crawling tab's Conditional Settings section, or to blacklist them so that they cannot be shown in search results. Unlike excluding specific URLs using a Custom conditional setting or URL Filter, search results that are blacklisted are immediately unavailable in search results, and do not require that you re-crawl your search collection.

To blacklist elements, go to the Configuration section, select the Searching tab, and select edit. Scroll down on the screen that displays, and enter those URLs in the Blacklisted URLs section, either using wildcards for the URL (using a '?' to match any single character or a '*' match any range of characters) or using regular expressions to match more complex URLs.

After finishing this tutorial, you may want to work through the Metadata Tutorial. That tutorial gives another example of extracting and using metadata, providing a detailed example of how to use additional information that is available in the documents that are being indexed to limit the scope of your queries, sort the results of your queries, and so on.