Creating Custom Dictionaries

About this task

To begin creating a custom spelling dictionary


  1. Click the Add icon () beside the Dictionaries entry in the menu on the left side of the Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool.

    This displays a form that enables you to enter the Name of the dictionary that you want to create, and the name of an existing dictionary to copy default values from. (These are general dictionary configuration options, not the contents of that dictionary.) The first time that you create a dictionary, the only available source of these defaults will be base, which refers to the default Watson Explorer Engine dictionary. After you create one or more custom dictionaries, you will be able to use any of these to provide default values for new dictionaries that you create.

    After entering a name and selecting the dictionary to read defaults from

  2. Click Add to create an empty dictionary with the specified name.

    A screen with Overview, Inputs, Outputs, and Words tabs displays.


To proceed to the next section, click Defining an Input Source for a Custom Dictionary.