Adjusting Configuration of the Results Module

Deprecated. See Foundational Components release notes for more information about deprecated features and what that means.

You can adjust the configuration of your Results Module WLP server by editing the server.xml file in the ResultsModule/wlp/usr/servers/ResultsModule directory of your installation. The configuration information that is displayed depends on any changes that you made on the Results Module configuration screen during the installation process, but will look something like:

        <server description="ResultModule">

        <!-- Enable features -->

        <httpEndpoint id="defaultHttpEndpoint"
        httpsPort="9088" />

        <applicationMonitor updateTrigger="disabled"/>

You can adjust this configuration in many different ways to meet your site requirements. For example, you can change the port used to access the Results Module by changing the httpPort="8081" line to specify another port. You can configure other aspects of the WLP server, including https-only configuration, by editing other values in this file.

You can find detailed information about configuring the WLP server in the WebSphere Application Server 8.5 documentation.