Add a dataset

You add a dataset using the IBM Watson® Explorer Admin Console.

To add a dataset, click Add dataset on the Watson™ Explorer Admin Console home screen.

Applies to version 12.0.2 and subsequent versions unless specifically overridden Click Enable document-level security to enable document-level security for this dataset. This option cannot be modified later. For more information, see Document-level security.

After you create a dataset, you can populate the dataset with the following actions.

  1. Create crawlers and importers to import the data for analysis. For more information, see Crawlers and Importers.
  2. Modify the converter pipeline that converts the import documents into a usable form for analysis. For more information, see Converter pipeline.
  3. Map data source fields to dataset fields on the Field mappings tab. For more information, see Dataset field mappings.
  4. Specify the date format, time zone, and locale on the Settings tab.