Reorganizing Navigational Elements

About this task

The default Watson™ Explorer Engine display provides navigational elements such as a cluster navigator on the left-hand side of its results screen, as shown in figures such as Figure 2 and Figure 4. Depending upon how your existing web site is organized, you may want to move these navigation elements to the other side of your results pages. The Watson Explorer Engine administration tool makes this easy to do by changing a single setting in your display.

The display configuration option that enables you to move navigational elements is located on the Settings tab's Theme > Advanced pane, as shown in Figure 1.


To view this pane:

  1. Select the Settings tab for your display, and
  2. Click Theme.

    The Simple theme settings pane opens by default.

  3. Click Advanced to display the advanced settings pane.

    The Navigation Position setting controls the side of the display on which navigational elements are displayed. To change this setting from its default value (left)

  4. Click edit.

    A screen like the one shown in Figure 1 displays.

    Figure 1. Moving Navigational Elements - Configuration
  5. Select the drop-down list beside the Navigation Position label
  6. Select right to reposition the navigation elements to the right side of the screen on subsequent search results screens.
  7. Click OK to accept these changes and return to the Theme > Advanced configuration screen.


To test viewing search results using the updated Watson Explorer Engine display, click the name of your project (which is display-tutorial for this tutorial) beside the Project: label in the left-hand Watson Explorer Engine administration tool navigation menu. The query screen for your project displays, showing any changes that you have made to the display in previous portions of this tutorial.

To see what search results look like in the updated Watson Explorer Engine display, enter a search term such as testing in the query dialog and click Search. The Watson Explorer Engine administration tool displays the results for that search, as shown in Figure 2 displays.

Figure 2. Moving Navigational Elements - Results

To proceed with this tutorial, click Customizing Clusters in the Display.