Crawler plug-ins

Data source crawler plug-ins are Java applications that can change the content or metadata of crawled documents. You can configure a data source crawler plug-in for all non-web crawler types.

With the crawler plug-in for data source crawlers, you can add, change, or delete crawled content or metadata.

Carwlers are classified as type A or type B depending on which crawler plug-ins they support.

The following crawlers are type A crawlers.

  • File system crawler
  • IBM Connections crawler
  • JDBC database crawler
  • Notes crawler
  • Web Content Manager crawler
  • WebSphere Portal crawler

The following crawlers are type B crawlers.

  • Agent for Windows file systems crawler
  • BoardReader crawler
  • Box crawler
  • Case Manager crawler
  • Exchange crawler
  • FileNet P8 crawler
  • Salesforce crawler
  • SharePoint crawler

For instructions on how to create crawler plug-ins, see Crawler plug-ins for non-web sources.