Case Manager crawler - configuration properties

The Case Manager crawler crawls an IBM® Case Manager server.

The Create crawler: Case Manager screen is where you enter the configuration parameters for this crawler.

Crawler Properties

Crawler name
The name of the crawler. Alphanumeric characters, hyphens, underscores, and spaces are allowed.
Crawler description
A description of the crawler.
Advanced options
Time to wait between retrieval requests
The time is expressed in milliseconds.
Maximum number of active crawler threads
The maximum number of active crawler threads.
Maximum document size
The maximum size expressed in kilobytes. The maximum value is 131,071 kilobytes.
When the crawler session is started
Specifies which content to crawl.

Data Source Properties

Content Engine Web Service URL
The Content Engine web service URL for FileNet® P8 server. For example, http://filenet_ce_server:9080/wsi/FNCEWS40MTOM/.
User name
The user name to crawl the Case Manager server.
The password of the specified user .

Crawl space Properties

You can find and add multiple crawl spaces for a Case Manager crawler. For instructions, see Finding and adding crawl spaces in a Case Manager crawler.

Crawler plug-in

Data source crawler plug-ins are Java™ applications that can change the content or metadata of crawled documents. You can configure a data source crawler plug-in for all non-web crawler types. For more information, see Crawler plug-ins.

Enable the crawler plug-in
Enable this option when you use the crawler plug-in.
Plug-in class name
The class name for the crawler plug-in.
Plug-in class path
The JAR file location of the crawler plug-in. The folder that contains the JAR file must be mounted so it is available. For more information, see Providing access to the local filesystem from Watson Explorer oneWEX.

Crawling a FileNet P8 database with a self-signed CA certificate

If you want to crawl a FileNet P8 database with a self-signed CA certificate, you must import the certificate into the JVM trust store. CA certificates must be in PEM format, and should be copied to the PersistentVolume of IBM Watson® Explorer oneWEX data in the folder config/certs/jvm/cacerts/. For example, config/certs/jvm/cacerts/self-signed-ca.pem.

You must also install unlimited strength JCE Policy files (local_policy.jar and US_export_policy.jar. For more information, see Installing JCE Unlimited Strength Files.