Examining Converter Rules

To see the rules that can trigger the converters that are associated with a search collection, open that collection in the Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool, select the Configuration tab, and select the Converting sub-tab. Click the Expand all component references link above the list of converters used for that search collection to see all of the conversion steps that are available when processing crawled data for that collection and the type of document(s) to which they apply.

After examining this information, you can click the Return to normal view link to return to the standard converter list view. You can then click Edit to the right of any converter to examine it in detail, including the different parsers and commands that it executes in response to input documents of the appropriate type(s).

As you can see from the list of converters used by any search collection, Watson Explorer Engine provides a large number of built-in converters. Watson Explorer Engine also enables you to write and incorporate your own custom converters. The next few sections explore Common Converter Customizations, discuss the Converters Provided with Watson Explorer Engine, and also discuss the process of creating your own Custom Converters.