Using an LDAP Collection with the Application Builder User Entity

You can use a collection created by the LDAP connector to supply content to the Application Builder user entity.

To avoid the complexity of using a directory store as an Application Builder data source for the user entity you can use the collection created by the LDAP connector.

To configure the user entity do the following:
  1. In Application Builder, edit the user entity and select the LDAP connector collection from the list of available collections in the Data Store section of the configuration.
  2. Select the an appropriate field to login with (usually the username) in the Login with field option.
  3. If you are changing which users will authenticate to Application Builder, ensure that an appropriate list of administrators are specified in the Admins option.
  4. Save the entity to store the configuration.
  5. If necessary, modify the Application Builder WebSphere Liberty Profile by editing the server.xml file to authenticate against the LDAP server that you crawled with the the LDAP connector. After modifying the server.xml file, the Application Builder service must be restarted for the changes to be applied.