Upgrading The Connector

This is in the initial version of the MDM SE connector and therefore there are no earlier versions to upgrade from.

Upgrading the MDM SE connector - What follows are upgrading considerations that are specific to the MDM SE connector:
  • memHead attributes - For MDM SE connector version 3.1.0, the "code" used for memHead attributes has been changed from "metadata" to "MEMHEAD", effectively changing the name of some contents. Custom converters relying on this attribute may need to be updated accordingly. For example: A content originally named "Inithub Metadata Src Code" becomes "Inithub Memhead Src Code"
  • Prepend source code - Additionally, for MDM SE connector version 3.1.0, the default value of the "Prepend source code" option in the Entity converter is changed from true to false. This will effect the default name of all content elements produced by the converter. Custom converters relying on these attribute/content names may need to be updated or the value must be manually set to true in the converter.