Obtaining and Installing Required JAR files

All JAR files required for the connector (oracle-ridc-client-10g.jar, commons-httpclient.jar (version 3.1), and commons-codec.jar (version 1.3) must be installed into the following directory of your Watson™ Explorer Engine installation: lib/Java/connector-webcenter_content. This can be accomplished by copying and pasting the JAR files into that directory after initially installing the WebCenter Content connector.

Where to get RIDC JAR file required For 10g - oracle-ridc-client-10g.jar can be found as part of the Content Integration Suite from Oracle.

Where to get RIDC JAR file required For 11g - oracle.ucm.ridc-11.1.1.jar can be found in the following WebCenter Content directory at: [..]/weblogic/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_ECM1/ucm/Distribution/RIDC/

Where to get httpclient and codec JARs

WebCenter Content 11g - The httpclient-3.1.jar can be found on the following WebCenter Content directory: [..]/weblogic/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_ECM1/ucm/Distribution/RIDC/lib/commons/. The codec Jar can be found [..]/weblogic/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_ECM1/ucm/Distribution/RIDC/lib/commons-codec-1.3.jar respectively.

WebCenter Content 10g - Both the >httpclient-3.1.jar and the commons-codec-1.3.jar are available from Oracle's Content Integration Suite in the following directory: Oracle-ridc-client-10g/lib.