Manually Installing a Connector

About this task

To manually install a new or updated connector, perform the following actions:


  1. Move the function.vse crawl-seed XML files for the new connector into the data/repository-supplements directory of your Watson™ Explorer Engine installation directory:
    Note: By default, the installation directory is \Program Files\IBM\WEX\Engine on Microsoft Windows systems, and /opt/ibm/WEX/Engine on Linux systems.
  2. Move the distribution file for the connector into the lib/java/plugins directory of your installation directory.
  3. Move any JAR files for the connector, salesforce-wsc.jar and its dependencies included, into the lib/java/connector-salesforce directory in your installation directory (and if it does not exist, create it). Alternately, they can also be installed into any directory that is located in the Java CLASSPATH. Add the full path to that folder in the connector seed option "JAR Location", as well as any other necessary fields.
  4. To enable the new connector:
    1. Log into your Watson Explorer Engine administration tool.
    2. Navigate to Management > Installation > Overview. The installation screen displays.
    3. In the Repository section of the Installation screen, click unpack. The message Successfully unpacked repository files displays when the new repository node(s) have been successfully incorporated into the repository.


After completing these steps, the new or updated connector will now be available as a seed when creating or modifying an existing site collection seed.