Installing A New Or Updated LDAP Connector

Watson™ Explorer Engine connectors are automatically installed as part of the product. However, updated and new connectors may be delivered as archive packages available for download from IBM Fix Central outside of the Watson Explorer Engine release cycle.

New or updated connectors can be installed by extracting them into the top level directory of your Watson Explorer Engine installation:
  • Linux default: /opt/ibm/WEX/Engine/
  • Windows default: \Program Files\IBM\WEX\Engine\
The archive file contains the JAR files, other files, and repository nodes that using this connector requires.
Note: Before upgrading or installing a new Watson Explorer Engine connector, you must remove any previous version of that connector. Additionally, if an updated connector has a new name, a new XML node is created for your search collection and the previous XML node for your search collection is retained.

The next sections explain how to install a connector from an archive file using the connector installation procedure.