Installing Alfresco Connector Web Scripts

About this task

Alfresco Server Side Configuration - To use the Alfresco connector, you must ensure that proper installation of the web scripts, which are packaged with the Alfresco connector, are installed in the appropriate locations on your Alfresco installation. To install the Alfresco web scripts, do the following:


  1. Follow the standard or manual installation procedures for the Alfresco connector.
  2. In your Watson™ Explorer Engine installation, navigate to the following directory:/extras/alfresco. Copy the web scripts.
  3. In your Alfresco installation, move the web scripts copied from the previous step to the following directory: /tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/templates/webscripts/com/vivisimo. You may have to create this directory manually.
  4. Navigate to your Alfresco service page and refresh the web scripts. To do so, in a browser, enter http://YOUR_ALFRESCO_SERVER:PORT-NO/alfresco/service/ and click the Refresh Web Scripts button. The number of web scripts configured should show an incremented value based on the number of web scripts copied to the /vivisimo directory on your Alfresco sever.

  5. Test The Web Scripts - To test that the web scripts are installed correctly, in a web browser, navigate to http://alfresco_server:port. Enter the web script URLs (listed below) in your browser and confirm that you see results for each.
    • /alfresco/service/api/user/{username}/groups/ - where {username} is replaced with the name of the user you want to look up.
    • /alfresco/service/api/site/list/
    • /alfresco/service/api/site/{sitename}/groups/ - where {sitename} is replaced with the name of your Alfresco site.
    • /alfresco/service/api/site/{sitename}/groups/{groupname}/users - where {sitename} and {groupname} are replaced with the names of your Alfresco site and group.
    Note: Some versions of Alfresco may require you to add a trailing / to the web script URL.

    See Using and Testing the Crawl for more detail on testing.


After completing these steps, the Alfresco webscripts are installed. ready to be used by the Alfresco connector.