General Configuration Scenarios And Considerations

The Domino connector includes the following general configuration scenarios and considerations:
  • Encryption - Documents that are encrypted will not be crawled.
  • Deployment Scenarios - The host Domino server where the Domino connector's server component is deployed, must be in the same Domino domain as the target Domino server. The three possible deployment scenarios are described as follows:
    • Scenario 1 - Dedicated - Server component installed on a newly installed, dedicated Domino server, which is hosting only the server component, and crawls Domino servers within the same domain.
    • Scenario 2 - Existing - Server component installed on an existing Domino server crawling Domino servers within the same domain.
    • Scenario 3 - Standalone - Server component installed on a standalone Domino server, which is both the host of the server component and the target of your crawl.
  • Trusted Server - The host Domino server must be added in the Trusted Servers list of the target Domino servers that will be crawled. On the target Domino server, you can access the Trusted Servers list by navigating to Server Document > Security Server > Access Trusted Servers.
  • Soft Deletes - The Domino setting for allowing soft deletes should be enabled on each database that will be crawled and set at a time interval greater than the value set for the Update Interval setting in the continuous update mode configuration settings. If not, deletes from a crawl database will not be detected and therefore not removed from your collection.
  • Permissions - The crawling user id must have read permission to all databases that will be crawled.
  • Continuous Update Mode - The following considerations apply:
    • The Domino connector does not support Continuous Update mode but supports Dual Mode Refresh.

      In Dual Mode Refresh mode, the connector can be configured to switch between full and incremental refreshes based on configurable day and time range settings. The Domino connector will require a full re-crawl for updating your index with deleted document information.

  • Crawling Views - Due to Domino API limitations, crawling views can result in slower connector performance. It is recommended to crawl the entire Domino database, unless the number of the documents in the view, are significantly less than the total number of documents in the database.
  • Hierarchical Names - Hierarchical names that include a wildcard character in an ACL are not supported by the Domino Connector. Such ACL entries are added as ACLs in the indexed document, but are not resolved at search time, and therefore do not have an effect in regards to allowing or denying access to that document.