Creating A Groups Collection

You must create a Domino groups collection to configure groups collection security.

About this task

To enforce secure search in your Domino documents collection, you must create an additional collection for your Domino groups. This collection will contain the Domino groups along with their members. The groups collection is used at search time by the Rights Form Component to retrieve the groups of which the search user is a member (For more detail on the Rights Form Component, see section Adding the Rights Form Component). To create the groups collection, do the following:


  1. In the Configuration tab of your Watson™ Explorer Engine search collection, click Add a new seed.
  2. A pop-up window displays. From the scrollable list of available seeds, select Domino Groups (8.5.3 - 11.0.1) and click add. The Crawling Configuration panel displays.


Proceed to the next section for information about configuring the groups collection seeds based on your Domino server version.