Creating A Crawling Account

About this task

The only prerequisite to running the OneDrive for Business crawl is to create a OneDrive user that is able to access all the sites and lists that need to be indexed and can list the permissions associated with them.

To create a OneDrive for Business user with access to the appropriate sites and lists:


  1. In a web browser, navigate to the network's SharePoint Admin Center; the URL looks like: https://<orgname>
  2. Select User Profiles from the left navigation panel.
  3. Select Manage User Profiles button.
  4. Search for the user profile in Find Profiles.
  5. Select the user's Account Name from the results.
  6. Click on Manage Site Collection Owners.
  7. Add the crawl user as the "Secondary Site Collection Administrator".
  8. Finally, to add the crawl user to all of the OneDrive for Business Site Collections within your organization, see the instructions in this MSDN post: Assign eDiscovery permissions to OneDrive for Business sites


OneDrive for Business is now configured to be crawled and indexed by Watson™ Explorer Engine.