Configuring JMS in the File

To configure the Large Database connector's interaction with JMS, do the following:

  • In the conf directory of your Large Database connector installation, open the file. Using your preferred text editor, set the following values for your CDC environment:
  • If you are not using WebSphere MQ, you have to configure the spring-jms-context.xml. Please see you vendor documentation for connecting to your JMS server using the Spring Framework. the packaged file is configured to talk to WebSphere MQ. This file works if you are using WebSphere MQ. However it will need customized if you are not using WebSphere MQ.
  • Confirm that the your Watson™ Explorer Engine search collections and your Application Builder applications are properly configured and available for the Large Database connector.
    Note: Where to learn more about these applications? - An IBM Knowledge Center is available to provide help for Watson Explorer Application Builder, Watson Explorer Engine, and Watson Explorer Results Module. By default, online help within these applications contacts a centralized IBM server to deliver online help. Installing and starting the Knowledge Center locally provides online help for Data Explorer in "dark" environments where development systems may not have access to the Internet, and in environments where Internet access may be slow or inconsistent.