Basic WebCenter Content Connector Configuration

After displaying the Crawling -> Configuration panel for the WebCenter Content seed in the Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool, you can configure the following options for connecting to your WebCenter Content installation:

Crawling Configuration Options

  • Host - The WebCenter server host. This setting is used to:
    • Verify that the Oracle WebCenter Content server hostname can be resolved via DNS
    • Used as the hostname to connect to WebCenter Content when the Connection Type is set to SOCKET
    • Used to generate the crawl URL to represent all Oracle WebCenter Content entities.
  • Username - The repository username to authenticate with. If a domain is required, use the syntax: DOMAIN\USERNAME
  • Password - The repository password to authenticate with.
  • JAR location - The location of the required Oracle WebCenter Content java libraries.

This section describes the crawling configurations that are available for the WebCenter Content Connector.