Basic Confluence Connector Configuration

After displaying the Crawling -> Configuration panel for the Confluence seed in the Watson™ Explorer Engine administration tool, you can configure the following options for connecting to your Confluence installation:

  • Host - The server running Confluence.
  • Port - The port to access Confluence.
  • Username - The username to authenticate with.
  • Password - The password to authenticate with.
  • Render wiki pages to HTML (optional) - When enabled, Wiki pages will be rendered to HTML. This can potentially cause performance issues on the confluence side.
  • SOAP Endpoint (optional) - SOAP Endpoint path to the Confluence webservice. For Confluence version 4, use the version 2 of the endpoint. For example /rpc/soap-axis/confluenceservice-v2
  • SOAP Endpoint Protocol (optional) - Protocol to use when contacting the SOAP Endpoint.
  • Spaces (optional) - Newline-separated list of space-keys to crawl. If not specified, all available spaces will be crawled.