Projects let you define sets of options and global variables, allowing you to create, edit, and run multiple Watson™ Explorer Engine applications in parallel with very different configurations. If you are using the default query-meta CGI script you can switch between projects by setting the v:project CGI parameters to the name of the project.

A project specifies two types of parameters (which are displayed in the same format):

  • Options: global parameters that control Clustering Configuration, Summarization Configuration, Metasearch Configuration and the General Configuration of your Watson Explorer Engine installation.

    A hardcoded set of options are built into Watson Explorer Engine. These can be customized by specifying an option tag in the XML input.

    Option values can be retrieved using value-of-var with the realm attribute set to option.

  • Variables: unlike options, specific variables are not part of Watson Explorer Engine. They are defined at the application level (see for example the file examples/C/query-meta.c, source code of the query-meta CGI script).

    Note that unlike options, variables are not necessary global, they are passed to the XSL transformations as "parameters" and you can define as many new variable as you want (the project section in the interface lets you declare your own global variables). See the Variables section for more details.

When creating a new project you need to select another project as a base project. This base project will determine the default values of the dependent project. It is therefore possible to create a hierarchy of projects and maintain variations of projects without having redundant configurations.

The core project is the default base project. It contains all of the default option values and the declarations of the variables used by the query-meta CGI script. Some of these parameters and associated values are automatically passed as CGI parameters so that the query-meta project works properly.

The following subsections of this section describe the different types of options used in the software. Variables (as well as options) are documented "inline" in the project section of the Watson Explorer Engine administration tool (just click on the icons).