Non-Segmented Language Support in Watson Explorer Engine

Note: This information does not apply if you are using lexical analysis language streams. Lexical analysis streams have improved support for non-segmented languages. To learn more about lexical analysis streams, see Lexical Analysis Streams.

This section outlines the steps required to use Watson™ Explorer Engine to create search applications that crawl and index data including documents written in non-segmented languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and so on.

Support for individual non-segmented languages is organized in a parallel fashion. For this reason, subsequent sections of this document use language as a variable for which the name of a supported, non-segmented language should be substituted. The non-segmented languages that are supported by Watson Explorer Engine are shown in the following table:

Table 1. Non-Segmented Languages Supported by Watson Explorer Engine
Language Replacement for Variable
Chinese chinese
Japanese japanese
Korean korean
Thai thai