Advanced - Query Options

This section provides the following configuration options:

  • Page size' (optional) - The maximum number of objects to pull from Enovia in a single query.
  • Initial split interval (seconds)' (optional) - The connector uses this value to create the initial queries to Enovia. Each query will fetch all objects that were created within the query's interval. If a query returns more objects than the configured "Page size", the connector will automatically split the query into smaller intervals. The default value is one day.
  • Type' (optional) - The type(s) to query for in Enovia. Multiple values are pipe (|) delimited.
  • Name' (optional) - The name(s) to query for in Enovia.
  • Revision' (optional) - The revision(s) to query for in Enovia.
  • Owner' (optional) - The owner(s) to query for in Enovia.
  • Vault' (optional) - The vault(s) to query for in Enovia.
  • Additional Where clause' (optional) -

    Custom MQL that will be added to the end of the where clause generated by the connector.

    The resulting where clause will be similar to the following:>... where (Originated >= 2012-12-30 && Originated < 2012-12-31) && your_custom_clause