A projection is a list of certain computed values per entry in the reporting database. The result of a projection is a table, each line of which corresponds to one query performed by the end-user. The first column displays the date and time at which the query was performed. The second column displays a computed value specified when configuring the projection. Multiple projection components can be combined, in which case multiple columns will be displayed, each column corresponding to one projection component.

A projection component can be added to a report item in combination with conditions and other projection components. It cannot be combined with groupings or double groupings. The preconfigured components for latest queries and zero document queries are sets of projections.

For example, displaying the project name, query and total number of results would be three projection components combined together.

The only required field for projection is the table in the reporting database from which to retrieve data in order to compute a value. The Value Expression field is evaluated in the context of this table.