Overview of Watson Explorer Foundational Components

IBM® Watson™ Explorer is available in two editions, an Enterprise Edition (EE) and an Advanced Edition (AE). The modules described in the following sections are delivered as part of all editions. The functionality of the modules does not differ across editions.

The Watson Explorer foundational components are comprised of the following installable modules:

Application Builder
Simplifies developing 360-degree information applications that deliver targeted, relevant data to users based on their roles or interests within the enterprise or a specific organization.
Watson Explorer Engine
Provides a web-based development and deployment environment for enterprise information navigation applications.
Annotation Administration Console
Provides a web-based administration tool for configuring custom and domain specific text analytics that can enhance Watson Explorer 360-degree view and content mining applications.
IBM Knowledge Center
Provides online help for IBM Watson Explorer Foundational Components and IBM Watson Explorer Analytical Components.
Results Module
Enables local administrators of enterprise information navigation applications to easily extend those applications with business-specific highlighting of selected query results and by incorporating domain-specific knowledge such as taxonomies.
Provides a distributed coordination service and associated data repository for storing configuration information about distributed applications.