Adding the MDM Relationship Table Collection Seed

This section describes how to add the MDM relationship table collection seed.

About this task

To add an MDM relationship table collection seed, do the following:


  1. After installing the connector by following standard or manual connector installation procedures, in your Watson™ Explorer Engine installation, copy the db2jcc-10.5.jar into the lib/java/database/ directory of your Watson Explorer Engine installation
  2. In the Watson Explorer Engine admin tool, create a new search collection for your MDM relationship table collection.
  3. In the Configuration tab of your Watson Explorer Engine relationship table search collection, click Add a new seed.
  4. A pop-up window displays. Select IBM MDM Standard Edition Entity Relationships from the scrollable list of available connectors, and click add. The Crawling Configuration panel for the MDM SE connector displays.


You have added the entity relationship table seed to your search collection. The next section describes the configurable options available in the relationships table seed.