Adding The FileNet P8 Annotations Converter

The FileNet P8 Basic Annotations Converter enables the FileNet P8 connector to convert FileNet P8 data into a format that can be indexed by Watson™ Explorer Engine to index Annotations created using the default Workplace XT Image Viewer. Note: The FileNet Annotations Converter only works on Watson Explorer or later (the connector can be used on earlier versions of Data Explorer, but if you need to crawl and index annotations created by the Workplace XT image viewer, then you must use Watson Explorer Engine or later).

About this task

To add the FileNet P8 Annotations Converter, do the following:


  1. In the Watson Explorer Engine admin tool, navigate to the configuration tab of your FileNet search collection and click the Converting tab. The converting configuration screen displays.
  2. Select Add a new converter. The Add a new converter box displays.
  3. From the scrollable list of converters, select FileNet Annotations Converter and click Add.


You have added the FileNet P8 Annotations converter to your FileNet search collection.